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A. RDC (Zaire)
Democratic Republic of Congo: Massive violations kill human decency
Thousands  of  unarmed  civilians  have been unlawfully killed, many others
tortured  and  scores  "disappeared"  in  the  Democratic Republic of Congo
(DRC),  said  Amnesty International as it released a new report, Democratic
Republic of Congo: Killing human decency. (31 may 2000)

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B. Great Lakes's Refugees
The lives, dignity and security of thousands of refugees in the Great Lakes
region of Africa are once again under threat. Standards of refugee
protection in Tanzania have dropped dramatically again since late 1999 as
scores of Burundian and Rwandese refugees have been forcibly returned to
their countries in violation of Tanzanian law and international refugee
law, including the Organization of African Unity's 1969 Convention
Governing Specific Aspects of Refugee Problems in Africa. Amnesty
International is appealing to the Governments of Tanzania, Burundi and
Rwanda to respect the rights of refugees and to the Governments of Tanzania
and Burundi to live up to their international and regional obligations to
respect the principle of non-refoulement and to take immediate action to
prevent further forcible returns . 

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