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[691] 2002 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial

Mathew Mattassa, Global Health Council 
1. Announcing the 2002 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial
2. Join us at ICAAP on October 8th

1. Announcing the 2002 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 

"Share Your Vision for a Brighter Tomorrow" 
Announcing the 2002 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial (www.candlelightmemorial.org). In this email, you will find the initial plans for the 2002 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial. We are predicting that this will be the largest Memorial and mobilization in recent history with a goal of registering over 1000 communities. With your registration you will officially be part of the largest AIDS mobilization event in the world as well as receive a coordinators kit, the official poster, and be added to the e-mailing list. 

This email contains all of the basic information for this year's Candlelight Memorial. There are a few changes this year including a community poster contest, a new look and a very early start. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Matt Matassa at 202-833-5900 or mmatassa@globalhealth.org. 

Please forward this message to anyone who would be interested in participating in the world's largest and oldest grassroots AIDS Mobilization event. 

Contents of this email:
* The History of the Candlelight Memorial
* Save the Date
* 2002 Theme - "Share Your Vision for a Brighter Tomorrow"
* New Logo
* Poster Contest - Giving it to the Community
* Updated website
* Register today

**The History of the Candlelight Memorial**
The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is the world s largest and oldest annual grassroots HIV/AIDS Mobilization event. Since 1983, the Memorial has mobilized communities to honor the memory of those lost to HIV/AIDS, show support for those living with HIV/AIDS, raise awareness of HIV/AIDS, and mobilize community involvement in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Currently, there are over 500 communities in over 70 countries that participate in this annual event. 

**Save the Date**
The 2002 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial will take place on May 19, 2002 

**2002 Theme - Share your vision for a brighter tomorrow**
The theme for the 2002 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial focuses on establishing your own "personal vision" in honor of those who have been touched by HIV/AIDS. "Share your vision for a brighter tomorrow" invites people around the world to reflect on how the face of HIV/AIDS may change in the future to create a healthier world. You are encouraged to develop this "vision for a brighter tomorrow" and share it with your community during the 2002 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial. 

We all have visions of how we see tomorrow. What is yours? Do you see parents who no longer have to worry about the dangers of transmitting HIV through childbirth? Do you imagine communities who no longer associate stigma with disease? Do you see the health of an HIV positive individual as a basic human right. It is important that we share our ideas and visions in order to determine how we may make them real. 

The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial gives each individual across the globe an opportunity to come together to remember and support those who have been touched by
HIV/AIDS. This special gathering allows us the occasion to share with one another how HIV/AIDS has affected our lives as well as discuss how the community can play a role in prevention, care, treatment and education. This year s theme encourages you to share your personal vision and describe how you, as an individual, will strive to make that vision a reality. 

What is your vision for a brighter tomorrow? 

**New Logo**
We have a new and updated logo. We will begin using the new logo on all new materials. The new logo will be available on the website in the coming weeks. 

**Poster Contest - Giving it to the Community**
Announcing the 2002 Candlelight Poster Contest!! 

Are you an artist? Do you know an artist? Do you want to organize a community art project around HIV/AIDS? If the answer is yes, then participate in this year s 2002 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial Poster contest. 

Over the past few year's, we have witnessed amazing artwork created by various Candlelight Communities. This year, we plan to recognize the artists and communities that have expressed themselves thought art by making their artwork part of this year s "Official Candlelight" poster. The poster is a very important part of the Memorial and we feel that it should come from the community. 

We are asking our communities and/or coordinators to design a poster around this year s theme "Share Your Vision for a Brighter Tomorrow". The only restrictions is that it must be in a format that can be turned into a poster (i.e. electronic file, original artwork no larger than 24in x36in, or a picture of the original). 

We encourage you to turn this into a community project and extend an invitation to the children in the local schools, the individuals at your community centers as well as families living in your community. Let this be a project that can help you bring your community together around HIV/AIDS and art. 

You can send your poster designs to Matt Matassa at The Global Health Council at 1701 K Street, Suite 600. Washington, DC 20006. Or email your artwork to mmatassa@globalhealth.org. We will be accepting poster designs until November 25, 2001 and will announce the winner on World AIDS Day on December 1, 2001. 

**Updated website**
We have updated the look of the website and have made it easier and simpler to navigate. We hope to have a brand new website by the end of the year. Stay tuned. 

**Register today**
It is never too late to register your community so you can start planning for next year s Memorial. Please go to the website and register today - www.candlelightmemorial.org. Whether you are current coordinator or this is your first Memorial, it is very important that you register so we can have an accurate count of the number of participating communities. 

Matthew Matassa
Program Coordinator - Global AIDS Program
International AIDS Candlelight Memorial
Global Health Council
1701 K Street, NW Suite 600
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: (202) 833 5900
Fax: (202) 833 0075
website: www.globalhealth.org
Candlelight Memorial: www.candlelightmemorial.org

2. Join us at ICAAP on October 8th

The Global Health Council preparing for the 6th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific in Melbourne. I am pleased to announce that we will be hosting a small breakfast for our Candlelight Coordinators on Monday, October 8th at the Westin Hotel which is six blocks from the
Convention Center in Melbourne. 

If you will be in Melbourne for ICAAP and are a Candlelight Coordinator, you are invited to: 

The Candlelight Coordinator Breakfast
Monday, October 8, 2001
7:45am - 9:00am
The Westin on Regent Place
205 Collins Street
Melbourne, Vic 3000

RSVP to mmatassa@globalhealth.org <mailto:mmatassa@globalhealth.org> by September 27, 2001 

This will be a time for us to get together to discuss the future of this amazing mobilization event and meet others who are doing similar work in this diverse region. If you are able to attend, please RSVP and I will send you detailed instructions and more information about the breakfast. 

Thank you and I hope to hear from all the Coordinators that will be in Melbourne during the ICAAP. 


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