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[686] Global AIDS Directory 2002

Jane Darby, Global Health Council 
- Global AIDS Directory 2002 

The Global Health Council is now gathering information for the 2002 edition of the Global AIDS Directory. This Directory is a comprehensive resource providing vital, up-to-date information on government agencies, multilateral institutions, NGOs and foundations actively involved in HIV/AIDS prevention, advocacy, care, support and treatment programs. Information will be gathered by e-mail survey, and all who were listed in the previous edition of the Directory will be contacted automatically. 

If your organization desires to be included as a new listing in the 2002 edition, please contact me at the Council at jdarby@globalhealth.org or alternatively at (802)649-1340, ext. 124.

Jane Darby, 
Global Health Council
Email: jdarby@globalhealth.org

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