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[678] World AIDS Day Documentary

Lisa Russell 
- World AIDS Day Documentary Footage and Stories 


I am an independent filmmaker who is interested in putting together a one-off documentary entitled "The Truth About AIDS" for airing on World AIDS Day. 

The concept is to identify little known facets of the early days of the AIDS movement that would interest the general public and perhaps set a foundation for the movement we know today. I'm focused on finding interesting stories about AIDS pioneers, inside information about significant AIDS events, critical turning points in research/policy, etc. This is to have a global focus. It will be narrated by AIDS pioneers and supported by a plethora of archived footage. Therefore I am also interested in video or still photographs (professional or amateur) that would support the above. 

Essentially, I am trying to create a piece that unravels the strength, creativity and compassion of the people and communities who fought the battles in the early days and helped shape the global response now in motion. 

If you have any of the above, can you please email me at

I will keep you posted on significant developments. 

Best to all, 

Lisa Russell
E-mail lyrussell@earthlink.net

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