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[674] Available publications

1. MSH Bookstore: "Addressing Unmet Needs for Reproductive Health Service: Decision-Linked Research in the Arab World,"
2. RHI:  Advanced dealing with media; a practical guide
3.The Panos Institute: Young Men and HIV: Culture, Poverty and Sexual Risk

1. "Addressing Unmet Needs for Reproductive Health Service: Decision-Linked Research in the Arab World," a success story from Management Sciences for Health. 

The Decision-Linked Research Approach establishes effective partnerships between researchers and decision-makers so research findings can be transformed into programmatic actions. This 20-page, pleasingly designed booklet shares the successful collaboration between the International Planned Parenthood Federation's Arab World Regional Office and MSH in a project to address unmet needs in reproductive health services by closing the gap between research and strategic decision-making. 

MSH's publications are free of charge to people in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. 

Browse and order our publications online at http://www.msh.org/publications anytime or contact us through our email address bookstore@msh.org. 

Please forward this message to colleagues who might be interested in this publication. 


Sherry Cotaco
Bookstore and Distribution Manager
Management Sciences for Health
165 Allandale Road
Boston, MA 02130 
Tel: 617-524-7799 x248
Fax: 617-524-2825
E-mail: bookstore@msh.org

2. RHI- Advanced dealing with media; a practical guide

In order to empower the more than 60 local NGOs, active within the EC/UNFPA Initiative for Reproductive Health in Asia (RHI), to independently carry out media and press work, the Information and Communication Network (ComNet) of the RHI has carried out several workshops in this area. 

To complement the workshop series, which will continue in Nepal and Pakistan in November, the ComNet, which is implemented by the German Foundation for World Population (DSW), has published the new ComNet Guide "Advanced Dealing with Media A Practical Guide". The Advanced Guide provides information on how to prepare news releases and feature stories, interviews and presentations, as well as on how to carry out press conferences and press tours. 

Written by Ms. Joke van Kampen, it is meant as a continuation of the "Dealing with Media A Practical Guide". Together, both guides provide a step by step introduction into how to enhance the visibility of local NGOs work within the media. 

Both guides are available at

Caroline Jane Kent
- RHI Press and Media Contact -
Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung (DSW)
Goettinger Chaussee 115
D - 30459 Hannover - Germany 

Phone: +49 (511) - 9 43 73 19
Fax: +49 (511) - 9 43 73 73
E-Mail: mailto:caroline.kent@dsw-hannover.de
3.The Panos Institute: Young Men and HIV: Culture, Poverty and Sexual Risk

The Panos Institute AIDS Programme are pleased to announce the launch of our new Panos Report: Young Men and HIV: Culture, Poverty and Sexual Risk, which has been jointly produced with UNAIDS. The purpose of this booklet is to raise awareness and stimulate debate on the role of young men in the global HIV epidemic. 

We argue that the behaviour and attitudes of many young men puts them and their partners at risk. Yet despite this fact, this group is given very little attention in the global response to HIV/AIDS. We explore why this situation has developed, what its likely consequences are, and how it can be addressed. Our overall conclusion is that young men's problematic behaviour - whether related to drugs, commercial sex or sexual violence - is not because young men are naturally "trouble-makers" but because society often fails them. 

The booklet is full of the voices of young men from the developing world. The analysis offered is as objective as possible, with special emphasis given to the expertise of those working on HIV policy or programming in areas where the epidemic is most severe. This is in line with Panos' objective of promoting the voices of those most affected by the epidemic. 

The Report is now available online at www.panos.org.uk and can be downloaded as a pdf file. Printed copies of Young Men and HIV: Culture, Poverty and Risk are available free to the media and to resource-poor non-governmental organisations.
Please contact kellyh@panoslondon.org.uk to order free copies. 

Copies otherwise are available for $5.00 - to purchase please contact colletteb@panoslondon.org.uk 

Please send copies of any articles based on this release or report to
Mark Covey, Media & Communications Officer. 

For further information contact him
on Tel +44 (0)207 239 7622, +44 (0)20 8960 1282 (home), +44 07941 286338 (mobile) or email markc@panoslondon.org.uk 

We trust you will enjoy this report, and if you require more information on this topic, or about other Panos activities, contact us on
E-mail: aids@panoslondon.org.uk. 

For more information on HIV/AIDS and UNAIDS, visit the UNAIDS website -- www.unaids.org. 

Thomas Scalway
Panos Institute AIDS Programme, UK
E-mail: toms@panoslondon.org.uk

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