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[673] Requests : Volunteers and publications

1. Volunteers needed in China, Africa and India - Cai Ying, China
2. Request for publications- I.AMBALAVANAN, India

1. Cai Ying, China
- Volunteers needed in China, Africa and India 

Yunnan Institute of Development, a non-profit organization trains International volunteers who are needed in China, Africa and India for:

Prevent Spreading of HIV/AIDS
Social Work with Street children
Build Schools and Clinics
Teach agriculture, carpentry and literacy
Environmental Projects

6 months training in China, England or Denmark
Boarding expenses
Start 1.10 & 1.4

Cai Ying
E-mail humana-caiying@163.com
Phone: 0086-871-8214771
Chunguang Li 3-102 Chunyuan XiaoQu 650118 Kunming, China
- Request for publications 

Dear sir/madam,

Greetings from DPG. Development Promotion Group (DPG) is a registered organisation (NGO) promoted by a group of professional development workers committed to the cause of facilitating development of weaker sections in rural, urban and tribal areas in the Southern States of India. DPG is implementing a STD/HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme among slum population. The Programme is supported by AIDS Prevention and Control Project (APAC),Voluntary Health Services(VHS) Chennai with financial assistance from United States Agency for International Development (USAID) DPG has recently started a Demonstration Centre, to help build capacity of NGOs to implement STD/HIV/AIDS
Prevention Programmes among high risk population. It also has a resource centre and we are in collection of materials like News letters, journals, phamplets, training modules,etc on STD/HIV/AIDS.

We would be grateful enough if you could kindly send us the same.

Thanking You, with warm regards,

Project co-ordinator
DPG, 76, Marsing Pettai Rd., Beemanagar,
E.Mail: dpgapac-demo@yahoo.co.in 

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