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Kenya's J&P Commission


We have just received the following Press Release from Kenya's Catholic 
Justice and Peace Commission, concerning the killing of priests and 
religious in Kenya.
Paolo - anb-bia

Catholic Justice and Peace Commission of KENYA
Nairobi, 7 Sept 2000

                                 P R E S S     R E L E A S E

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed 
by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve 
what God's will is-His good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2.

We the Catholic Justice and Peace Commissioners representing 24 Catholic 
dioceses in Kenya with a population of not less than 8 million Catholics, 
wish to express our deep concern on the brutal killings of our Priests and 
other Religious people, who have offered their entire lives to the service 
of God and His people in Kenya.

In recent years, we have experienced the brutal murders of Fr. Stallone, 
Fr. Graife and Fr. Luigi Andeni all of Marsabit diocese. We have further 
experienced the murder of Brother Larry Timons of Nakuru diocese and that 
of Fr. Martin Boyle of Eldoret diocese.

What is shocking is that all these killings have not been explained yet, 
and the perpetrators have all along, gone scot free.

On the 24th August, 2000, we yet again lost another humble servant of God - 
Fr. John Anthony Kaiser of Lorgorian Parish, Ngong diocese. Fr. Kaiser 
tirelessly advocated for the Rights and values of humanity, for our people 
in different parts of Kenya. He defended justice, truth and fairness.
Like St. John the Baptist, who was beheaded to silence the voice of reason, 
Fr. Kaiser found his head shattered in pieces by the cruel assassin's bullets.

It is no secret that Fr. Kaiser has been a thorn in the flesh of some 
senior Kenya government officials and Ministers, for his incessant crusade 
against social injustices. These include the infamous tribal clashes, where 
he painfully suffered for his protection of the internally displaced 
victims of Maela, Gucha and Transmara.

Fr. Kaiser fearlessly advocated against land grabbing by the same "mighty 
and powerful". Sadly enough, he was also pitted against the same forces 
especially in his defense against defilement and rape of girls and young 
women in Transmara.

We affirm our strong believe that Fr. Kaiser was ordained, anointed and 
lived the gospel values. "I have come to proclaim the good news, to the 
poor, bring liberty to the captives and to announce the day of the Lord" 
(Luke 4:17).

While we cautiously appreciate the on-going joint CID/FBI investigation 
into the murder, we strongly doubt the seriousness of the Kenyan 
government, especially in the absence of an official government statement: 
let alone a message of condolence to his family and friends. The 
government's reaction, cover-ups of the past such killings and the reckless 
utterances by some senior government officials and Ministers, compounds our 

To the American government, we support your initiative of sending FBI 
investigators to assist in the unearthing of this sad and mysterious murder.

However, to us, Fr. Kaiser was not just an American citizen. He was also a 
Kenyan, having served Kenyans for 36 years. We can only therefore, hope and 
expect that the interests of the U.S government in this murder do not 
supersede what Kenyans are badly yearning for i.e. Truth and Justice.

For those who murdered Fr. Kaiser, we pray for your forgiveness but 
remember, the blood of your innocent victim will haunt your conscience 
forever. Please come forward and repent.

While we mourn the demise of our fallen hero of justice and human rights, 
with his family members and parishioners, with his friends and co-workers, 
with the people he defended and tirelessly worked for, we want to assure 
them that the spirit of Fr. Kaiser lives on! If the intention of his 
beastly murder was to intimidate and instill fear in us, then rest assured 
that in the name of God, we are neither intimidated nor cowed.
In fact, our commitment and cause for justice has been strengthened more 
than before, for we do not fear those who kill the body, but the one who 
has the power over heaven and earth. Luke 12:4-5.
  To all Kenyans and persons of good will, we ask you to forward any useful 
information to the CID and FBI investigators or in confidence to all 
Justice and Peace Commission offices countrywide.

"Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs 
is the kingdom of heaven." Matt: 5:10.

Date: 7/9/2000

Dispatched by ANB-BIA, Brussels, 12 Sept 2000